Woodward Foods

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         澳大利亚Woodward Foods Australia集团(WFA)起源于1888年,经过五代人的建设,成为一家集牲畜养殖、农牧场管理、谷物栽种、牲畜育肥、屠宰场、肉类批发零售及出口的牛羊肉全产业链企业,是澳大利亚本土最大的肉类生产商、分销商和供应商。






With five generations’ dedication since 1888, Woodward Foods has been proudly farming, producing and distributing the finest quality beef and lamb across Australia. By owning and operating all aspects of the value chain including breeding properties, feedlots, grain storage, processing infrastructure, logistics, wholesale distribution depots, retail outlets and now an export arm, we are across the entire supply chain; and also making WFA becomes the largest meat manufacturer, distributor and supplier.

There are 34 feedlots are mainly located in the southeast of Australia, distributed in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia. There are two grain storages with capacity of 50 thousand mt, open to both internal and external sales. With advanced equipments, the butcher can process with 300 cattle and 3000 sheep per day; and our fattening ground hold 5000 cattle.

By launching at retail market in 2015, our retail shops have maintained an average annual growth on turnover for more than 50%. We are already gained admittance from Coles and Woolworth, the two large chain supermarkets in Australia, who would like to introduce products from WFA.

WFA has obtained export licenses from 35 countries and regions since we started our export business in 2016, including the US, middle-east and Japan which are also top 3 exporting country/region. Export value shares 18 percent of the annual turnover. After inspected by China General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, WFA butchers need some renovation base on import requirement from China. It is estimated that those renovation will be finished in the middle of 2019, and we will obtain export license from China if it is approved by China General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.

There are three series of products in WFA, finest beef, natural beef and prime lame, which has been award in Australian Food Awards for many times. In 2018, prime Lamb was awarded the Champion Australian Meat Trophy as well as recipient of best in class.